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commission information

waist-up sketch, no color, light shading

full color, shading, simple background
Bust - $50 ($90 for two characters)
Waist up - $80 ($140 for two characters)
Fullbody - $120 ($220 for two characters)

I take PayPal only and require 100% of the payment upfront.A three week turnaround on average can be expected but should there be any delays, you will be notified.Full refunds can be issued if no work has been started on the commission, otherwise a partial refund may be given.I have a heavy preference for drawing Star Trek related artwork, which includes fanart and OCs. I can draw anthros and any race humanoid or not, animals, monsters, etc. I will draw your favorite ship or favorite character from any timeline or variation of Star Trek.My artwork is typically character focused, so I don’t do commissions for scenes or highly detailed environments.Feel free to reach out to me with questions or if you're interested in a commission.A bit about me as an artist:
I have been drawing digitally for the latter half of my life now, about fifteen years, and I’ve been doing commission work for ten of those. I take my work very seriously and strive to provide the best possible service I can give. Your satisfaction means a lot to me!
Side note; I do work on personal art in between commission work, so please don’t fret! It’s how I unwind while keeping on top of my art.